The mission of Calvert House is to empower students for Catholic leadership in the Church and in the world. Our community reflects the diversity and richness of the Church; we seek to make our members aware of the presence of the Holy Spirit in their differences, and of ways they can bring their gifts to others.


Our goals are consistent with the direction of the Ministry in Higher Education of the Archdiocese of Chicago.
  • To hand on the tradition of the faith by fostering sacramental, liturgical, and Catholic intellectual life.
  • To evangelize the University of Chicago community.
  • To create multiple experiences of large and small communities that provide for personal and communal transformation that includes, but is not limited to, moral and ethical development and the integration of faith into life.
  • To accompany students as they discern their vocation, and in doing so, develop leaders for Church and society.
  • To live as a community of students and faculty who reverence and respect all people through fostering the pursuit of justice by putting learning into action.
  • To engage Catholic faculty in the on-going integration of their faith and teaching and the evangelization of the University.